Non-bank Financial Institution Casebook

| 5 RETURN TO CONTENT PAGE Our Integrated Set of Solutions Citi offers a comprehensive and innovative range of solutions. Together, we assess your objectives and find a solution that works best for you. CITI’S DIGITAL SUITE OFFERING Connect Digitally, Market Faster Digital Account Onboarding to get started on the go Ability to collect B2C through multi-channels-instantly — Request to Pay (RTP), scan and pay. Static and dynamic QR Unified Collection Solutions available in China, India and Vietnam, wallets and alternative payment methods Direct debit through e-mandate for subscription models (Korea, Malaysia, India and Australia) Leverage Citi’s consumer bank presence for sales acceleration Cash Application Payer ID aiding reconciliation at individual client level Reconciliation and reporting — Live transaction status, granular transaction details, consolidated file across payment methods, itemized reporting of bulk credits and auto-matching to open receivables Simplify User Experience Real-time APIs: Credit notification, payment status, transaction inquiry and refund APIs Local Currency Pricing Citi Cross Currency Payments — WorldLink wires/ACH FX risk management solutions including Instant FX for pricing and billing Local currency pricing/invoicing foreign currency collections Daily or intra-day rates, automated solution Limited FX exposure. Wholesale FX spreads Process Efficiency Automated liquidity pooling structures Citi Payment Insight — for full visibility Citi’s Liquidity Manager — Single portal for liquidity management across all Citi branches Citi Payment Outlier Detection to manage payment anomalies CitiDirect BE Mobile and biometrics authentication for security and efficiency Working Capital Virtual Cards payments for vendor payments, online advertising, logistics and web services