Corporate Travel Policy

6 Treasury and Trade Solutions The trends discussed above are leading to completely new ways of thinking about your organization’s travel policy. Translating these trends into travel policy best practices requires re-evaluating areas of the organization’s policy that touch on travel booking, expense management, and travel technology solutions. Translating Trends into Best Practices Sound overwhelming? Unfortunately, there is no one-size- fits-all solution to determine which trends to incorporate into policy, so pick what makes sense for your organization. Consider your corporate culture, your propensity towards enforcement of a policy, and the travel patterns of your travelers. This document will help you as you evaluate the factors influencing your travel program, while providing ideas on how to address them. The extent of your corporate travel policies will vary based on the organization’s goals. There are 15 topics that every travel policy should address in some capacity, ensuring a comprehensive and clear statement of organizational expectations that delineates everything from traveler security practices to how travelers should book their travel. These 15 areas are: Travel Policy Must-Haves Air Travel Bleisure Compliance and Distribution Duty of Care Expense Reimbursement Gifts and Entertainment Ground Transportation Lodging Meals Miscellaneous Relocation Stakeholders and Ownership Telecommunications Travel Booking Tools Trip Approval Workflow