Corporate Travel Policy

18 Treasury and Trade Solutions In Summary Travel policies are a critical component of any organization’s total travel program. The 15 policy areas covered in this document are important to address in your overall travel policy so that your organization establishes clear protocols across all aspects of business travel. The challenge is how to simultaneously address each key policy area in conjunction with industry changes and new trends, and determine which factors actually impact your organization and its travel policy (because not all of them will!). With the insights and best practices shared in this document, you now have additional ideas on how to evolve your policy into one that is better aligned with today’s business traveler and the evolving business travel environment, but still aligns with your organization’s culture, policies and practices, size, geographic reach, financial strategy, and talent acquisition and retention programs. About Acquis Consulting Group This publication was developed in conjunction with Acquis Consulting Group ( ), a global management consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation, headquartered in New York City. Disclaimer The contents of this document are for your general information and use only. By using the information in this document, you acknowledge and agree that any recommendations or suggestions herein do not constitute legal advice and you are responsible for reviewing and evaluating the appropriateness of this documentation and recommendations, as well as any decisions made or actions taken by you in response to this documentation and recommendations against your own risk tolerances and/or other criteria.