The Future of Payments

UPFRONT 19 BANKING PERSPECTIVES QUARTER 4 2018 Bill Rogers , chairman and CEO of SunTrust, discusses the role banks play in boosting the economy, helping communities recover, expanding into new markets, and more with Jim Aramanda , CEO and president of TCH. JIM ARAMANDA, TCH: Bill, thank you for joining me. Give me your top-line thoughts about the banking industry today. BILL ROGERS, SUNTRUST: Thanks, Jim. Banks have never been better positioned to support business growth and make a positive impact on communities. Coming out from under two natural disasters this season, Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael, we’ve spent a great deal of time discussing with teammates how SunTrust can contribute to recovery efforts and actions that instill financial confidence even in the midst of trying situations. It’s important to recognize the role that all banks play, not only in helping the economic recovery but also in the face of natural disasters and unexpected events. Our collective work matters. That’s an important message for our industry at large. It can be as simple as actions banks always take, like providing access to credit and cash, strong financial advice, and good old-fashioned banking. For example, we had a SunTrust branch in Wilmington open quickly after Hurricane Florence to provide water and give clients access to their cash. The branch manager, who rallied teammates from different divisions to pitch in, told me, “This is our job, and this is what we have to do.” That speaks to the fiber of our culture and our people, and the role we play in helping communities. As an industry, we are making a difference. We need to continue making investments in things like affordable housing and workforce development. And we need a focus beyond financial literacy to an emphasis on financial well- being – encouraging actual behavioral change. ARAMANDA: You’re right – it is something that is taken for granted. Now, as you focus on reaching and helping more people, let me ask about how SunTrust is expanding into new markets with private wealth management, commercial banking, online lending, etc. Could you comment on where you see the greatest opportunities for growth at SunTrust? ROGERS: We view organic growth as the best opportunity for SunTrust. We like what we’re doing, and we’re confident in our teams and capabilities. I believe a company is only as strong as its culture. Ours is one that believes in the power of purpose, acts as one team, and puts our clients first. We only hire those that have the potential to help us build and expand upon these values. BANKING