GSA SmartPay® 3
Government Card Benefits

Cardholder Guides

For more information regarding your new Citi® Commercial Card, please access the appropriate Cardholder Guide below.

Cardholder Travel Insurance

As a cardholder, you will receive global travel accident and lost luggage insurance so you feel safe and secure wherever you travel with a Citi® Commercial Card.

Association Guide to Benefits

In addition to the card benefits provided by Citi, Visa and Mastercard provide card benefits such as Car Rental Insurance and Travel and Emergency Assistance. For full details, please read the appropriate Guide to Benefits below.

Online Tools

Citi's global online tool, CitiManager®, enables you to manage business expenses from anywhere around the globe from your computer or mobile device; you can view statements online, confirm account balances, sign up for email and SMS alerts, and much more. If you have not already signed up for the CitiManager® tool, please log on to and click on the 'Self registration for Cardholders' link. From there, follow the prompts to establish your account.

For more information on the CitiManager® tool, view our CitiManager® Cardholder Quick Reference Guide.