Citi Fraud Prevention

As business interactions increase online, digital threats are becoming more sophisticated. At Citi we take security very seriously, continuously investing to improve processes and technologies that protect our platforms and client assets. For effective fraud prevention, partnership with clients is paramount to achieving end-to-end security. We've compiled materials to assist in making sure your organization is aware of the threats and best practices to stay safe.

Digital Security

Cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated and more determined by the day. Ensuring tight and efficient security is therefore imperative.

Please find an article authored by Sabine McIntosh, Global Head of Account Services and Channel Digital Security, Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS); Rajesh Shenoy, Director, Global Product Manager Digital Security, TTS; and Elizabeth Petrie, Director of Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Information Protection Directorate, discussing what banks and corporates can do to protect their systems from cyber-criminals. Fighting Cybercrime: A United Crusade.

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Digital Security Webinar

Digital Security – Insights and Practical Advice on Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention

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Citi Online Academy

At Citi, our Online Academy is committed to fostering dialogue that can help further your success. Based on your feedback, our industry-leading experts conduct a wide range of customized, interactive webinars — spanning today's critical and complex subjects — that can help you gain a competitive edge.

Digital Security Resources in Polish

Please click here for additional digital security resources from Citi Handlowy, Poland

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is one of the most prevalent threats faced by organizations today. Organisations need to be aware of the threat and know how to combat it. To this end, Citi has produced a concise, easy to use, training module on Social Engineering Awareness for you to use internally within your organisation.

The course will enable you to:

  • Explain what Social Engineering is
  • Identify what motivates an individual to perform a Social Engineering attack
  • Recognize common vulnerabilities
  • Recognize the different types of scenarios on how Social Engineering may be conducted.
  • Social Engineering Best Practices

Simply click on the link below to access the training module.