Agency Program Coordinator (APC) Training

Get the most out of your Government Travel Charge Card program.

Citi is committed to ensuring that the Department of Defense gets the most out of its card program and training is a key component of our service model. Citi provides a variety of training opportunities, covering both high-level capability overviews as well as in-depth technology classes, for Government Travel Card Agency Program Coordinators (APCs).

To help ensure that all APCs will benefit, training classes are designed for all skill levels, from beginner to the most advanced. Training is provided in a variety of methods in order to provide flexibility to fit your demanding schedules. Our goal is to accommodate different training needs and learning styles. Our training staff works hard to provide an effective presentation every time — whether in-person, web-based, written or recorded.

Commercial Card Learning and Support System (CLASS)

CLASS, our learning management system is designed to provide access to Citi’s training delivery resources through a secure, single sign-on website, hosted by CitiManager. The Government Card Program Training team provides a wide variety of training materials including Job Aids, User Guides, e-Learning Modules and the ability to self-register for webinars. CLASS is also designed to support a global environment; users have the ability to set the time zone and language preference to assist with navigating the CLASS catalog of training resources. In addition to providing access to training 24/7, CLASS will provide transcripts and certificates to document completed training. A Quick Reference Guide for CLASS is available under the Resource tab in the Links/Help section.

How to Access CLASS and Other Training Resources

Log on to the CitiManager website with your valid username and password and access CLASS under the Web Tools tab of the application. Review the training offerings in the catalog.

Citi’s training opportunities represent an important component of our overall relationship. We have an ongoing commitment to keep you apprised of the newest program features, technologies and best practices. After all, when you succeed, we succeed.