Name and Address Changes

Legal Name Change

  • Entities sometimes change their name without changing the legal structure of the entity. Example: Company "ABC123" to Company "ABC1234U"
  • In order to change your legal name with Citi, we will need to obtain from you the Certificate of Name Change, or similar document based on the requirements of the country where the entity is incorporated

Account Name Changes

Often, a name change is specific to only the identification name used in statements and systems and not a legal entity change, i.e. "Corp A Payroll Account" to "Corp A Disbursement Account". This type of change is much simpler and a letter to Citi from an Authorized signer will typically suffice for this change.

Address Changes

If the Billing Address, Mailing Address or Statement Address has changed, a letter to Citi, signed by an Authorized Signer, will be required.

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