Latin America

Citi established its first branch in Mexico in 1884. Since then it has expanded to 2540 branches throughout the region. Citi has had a presence in Latin America for decades, and we are actively participating in the rapid development that is driving the economies of the region.

Today, the Latin American business environment is experiencing unprecedented changes. In managing them, you are faced with complex challenges, including: Efficiently managing local and cross border cash flows. Minimizing exposure to the risks of growth. Finding the right security to help reduce fraud. Accelerating processing of commercial transactions. Optimizing return on your investments.

Count on us to lend insight into and knowledge of specific markets across Latin America.

With innovative, integrated solutions for cash management, securities services and international trade, we will help your organization function more efficiently and economically in local, regional and world markets - all with the security, trust and partnership approach of Citi.