Citi has been operating in Tunisia since 1978 as an offshore bank, but we became a full-service Corporate and Investment Bank in 1989. With 2 branches, in Tunis and Sfax, we are now the primary foreign bank in the country. Citi Tunisia works in close partnership with other Citi offices worldwide to offer clients a full range of financial products and services and a global distribution platform. We provide a wide array of local and regional cash management products and services (payables, receivables and liquidity solutions), serving the needs of local customers. Citi Tunisia's goal is to structure the proper product mix to meet each customer's needs for streamlined operations, improved financial control and optimal use of funds.

Citi Tunisia has more than 300 private and public corporate customers operating in different economic sectors, and 80% of multinationals doing business in the country.

As a direct member of the local Automated Clearing House, we are able to directly clear all instruments, such as Domestic Funds Transfer, checks, and Draft and Bills of Exchange. Citi Tunisia can accommodate all payment requirements such as RTGS for LCY transfers (over TND 100M); cross border transfer; checks books in LCY and FCY as permitted under local regulation; manager checks/Paylink where the risks are transferred to the bank, post issuance.

Citi Tunisia is also able to accommodate all collections requirements, such as cash deposits; checks at Tunis and Sfax branch; LCY check clearing; FCY check collection (EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY); International Cash Letter Services; Bills of Exchange; and Direct Debit.

Citi's suite of supply chain solutions mitigate risk and enable our clients to have access to the short-term capital they need to make their business function. Our working capital solutions cover both internal and cross-border trade financing solutions, such as import/export finance, receivables discounting and supplier finance. These solutions are complemented by a range of trade services that range from traditional Letters of Credit to our Open Account Trade Processing which helps corporations conduct, monitor, and control international commercial transactions, as well as mitigate their associated risks from issuing and paying Letters of Credit to handling settlement and administration of documentary collections.