U.S. Dollar Clearing Services

In this new era of fast-moving communication and real-time needs, Citi is dedicated to being the industry’s premier provider of U.S. Dollar payment services. U.S. Dollar Clearing Services enables you to execute payments in a timely and efficient manner, virtually anywhere in the world.

Long renowned for flexible solutions and superior technology, we are proud to offer you the industry’s latest capabilities in U.S. Dollar Clearing Services. They include:

  • Real-time intraday reporting, which can help you better manage your liquidity…and better manage your business
  • Real-time payment flow management and monitoring, which can reduce errors and payment investigations
  • On the ground customer service in your time zone

U.S. Dollar Clearing Services leverages Citi´s robust processing infrastructure, as well as features that can be integrated to create a customized payment solution for you. Our payment solutions are individually designed to promote straight-through processing, minimizing your costs and facilitating timely payments.

Citi´s proactive approach to liquidity management means your treasury and commercial U.S. Dollar payments are executed quickly, regardless of the value or sensitivity of your transactions.