Citibank® Japanese Yen Clearing Services

The premier foreign bank in Japan, we provide superior liquidity solutions to the country’s leading corporate, financial and government institutions. We are a founding member of the Foreign Exchange Yen Clearing Network, with direct access to the Zengin Yen Domestic Payment Network for clearing local payments, as well as host-to-host connections to the Bank of Japan Financial Network System (BOJ-NET).

We have been serving the needs of the Japanese market for over a century, combining in-depth knowledge of the market with outstanding payment processing capabilities, giving you a strong Japanese Yen offering to employ as part of your total global clearing strategy.

By partnering with Citi, you gain access to a complete global payments program that is supported by:

  • Solid financial strength and credit rating
  • Award-winning, state-of-the-art ISO 9002 certified processing center
  • A full array of coordinated transaction management services
  • Innovative Web-based solutions and a choice of delivery platforms