Working Capital and Supply Chain Management

Our trade finance programs provide importers and exporters a single point of access to a wide range of trade capabilities. We offer innovative solutions to the most complex deals, including bills discounting, letters of credit financing, pre-and post-export financing, and payables and receivables financing. Whether used individually or together, each is designed to help companies manage risk and optimize cash flows - improving financial flexibility, increasing supply chain liquidity, and reducing trade-flow risk.

Citi® Supplier Finance
Supplier financing programs help well-established buyers to have an uninterrupted supply flow by providing liquidity to their suppliers and mitigating the risk inherent in open account sales. Through these programs companies can consolidate their payment processes. This Citi solution has a programmatic approach, which makes it ideally suited for ongoing commercial relationships.

Citi® Integrated Freight Processing
Citi® Integrated Freight Processing is an easy-to-use Web-based system that simplifies the audit, approval and payment of freight related expenses by automating the entire supply chain process. Everything takes place online - from pre-payment audits to review and negotiation with shippers to expense allocation and more.

Citi® Integrated Payables Solutions
Citi Integrated Payables Solutions is a holistic suite of leading-edge analytics, core and emerging payment services, supplier enrollment and other capabilities to help optimize working capital and maximize efficiencies across an organization’s complete supply chain.

Citi Distribution Finance
Citi's Distribution Finance programs can provide companies with Liquidity by accelerating their cash flow conversion cycle, they can present an opportunity to increase sales and shareholder value, in addition to offering risk mitigation structures utilizing Citi's unparalleled global reach.