Consulting Services

Working as a trusted advisor, Citi provides consultative services to help companies optimize their working capital and cash management to achieve their financial and operational objectives. After performing a diagnostic analysis, Citi uses your empirical data to recommend solutions customized to meet your needs. Citi’s multi-dimensional approach can optimize receivables by uniting fragmented processes, information and systems to unlock cash trapped and generate internal liquidity in the order to cash cycle.

Order to Cash Services

Cash can get trapped at various points in the order to cash cycle and from multiple causes, reducing liquidity and increasing working capital requirements for a company. Citi analyzes a company’s systems and processes and makes recommendations for process reengineering and improvements that can help unlock trapped cash. Citi’s recommended solutions can include automation of manual processes, integrated workflows and enhanced collection services. Citi also offers a customized dashboard that provides increased visibility into receivables, performance metrics and analytics.

Benefis can include:

  • Streamlined, automated processes replace costly paper-based systems
  • Increased visibility into the order-to-cash cycle improves strategic decision making
  • Integrated workflows and straight-through processing
  • Enhanced dispute and exception management
  • Increased efficiencies, reduced borrowing costs
  • Faster revenue recognition, reduced billing leakage
  • Reduced days sales outstanding

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