Citi® Present and Pay for Consumers

Citi® Present and Pay for Consumers enables your company to offer your customers Web and telephone payment capabilities, integrated with online bill presentment.

Our integrated solution enables you to offer your customers:

  • An Internet bill presentment and payment application, hosted on the Citi® Present and Pay for Consumers system and branded to appear consistent with your own Web site, that provides bill presentment, and one-time or automated recurring payment initiation
  • A touch-tone telephone (IVR) payment application for one-time payment initiation
  • A customer service console (CSR) to enable payment initiation by an operator

Payments can be made using ACH debits, credit cards, or debit cards. You can choose which access channels (Web, IVR, or CSR) and payment methods you wish to offer. Full remittance detail is provided to you daily and can be combined with remittance data from other Citi receivables streams, including our Lockbox or Electronic Receivable Services.

Citi® Present and Pay for Consumers provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Increased convenience to your customers
  • Simplified application of electronic payments and reduced errors
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding
  • Reduced capital expenditure in developing and maintaining a Web site
  • Opportunities for marketing, regulatory, or customer service related messages via the Web site and e-mail
  • The highest level of security for online payment initiation and bill presentment