Citi® Electronic Check Deposit (ECD)

The U.S. Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act ("Check 21") gives the reprint of a scanned check legal equivalence to the original paper check. That opens up opportunities for you to enjoy more efficient, more cost-effective check deposits.

Citibank® Electronic Check Deposit (ECD) service is the most effective way for you to take full advantage of Check 21. With ECD, you can scan checks in your own office, then electronically transmit the images to Citi – eliminating the hassle of overnighting paper checks to the U.S. or physically preparing them and delivering them to the bank.

With Citi ECD service, you enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Eliminate trips to the bank to make paper check deposits
  • Eliminate preparing checks for deposit, photocopying them and overnighting them to the bank
  • Shorten clearing time and improve float on receipts
  • Eliminate the expense of armored cars and/or overnight couriers
  • Improve processing efficiency, since checks are in the system the day you send them

In offering you our Electronic Check Deposit service, Citi has partnered with an industry expert: Electronic Data Systems, Inc. (EDS). A longtime leader in bank processing, EDS adds their expertise in system development, integration and operational processing to Citi's ECD service. In addition, EDS has backup operations and disaster recovery processing so your IRDs will be cleared efficiently and accurately.