What's New with WorldLink®

WorldLink® Payment Services has a proven track record of delivering innovative value-added payment solutions to all our clients. After 25 years, WorldLink continues to be at the forefront of the cross-border payments industry.

With that in mind, we want to update you on what we have done to enhance WorldLink during the past year and we will continue to keep you posted about new capabilities that make this solution even more convenient, reliable and cost-effective.

New Funds Transfer Currencies

WorldLink is continuously expanding its currencies offerings. This section will be updated as additional currencies are added

Cross-Border ACH Payments

WorldLink is continuously expanding its currencies offerings. This section will be updated as additional currencies are added

Mass Pay

WorldLink's Mass Pay is a distinct offering that helps you avoid the need to route through local and regional clearing systems by sending a file directly to the beneficiary bank. WorldLink has established bilateral agreements with many banks around the globe and continues to expand these relationships. This innovative way of transmitting payments leverages the strengths of key local banks to deliver the best possible service for our clients.

Same/Next-Day Funds Transfers

Increasing global complexities and industry competitiveness demand maximum convenience, flexibility and cost effectiveness in managing internal payments. In response to these global and market dynamics, WorldLink Payment Services offers same day or overnight funds transfer capabilities in 21 currencies.

When you need to disburse funds for immediate delivery or need to accommodate vendors who want funds credited directly to their accounts, you can depend on funds transfers via WorldLink Payment Services for the necessary support. Using the same process as "standard" two-day value funds transfer processing, the WorldLink same day offering allows you delivery payments with same day or overnight value via CitiDirect or SWIFT.

Please Note: WorldLink Payment Services offers Same Day Funds Transfers on a commercially reasonable efforts basis. The ability to provide credit to the beneficiary bank on value date is subject to a variety of factors, including but not limited to, receipt of instructions by applicable cut-off time, proper funding, sufficient credit, ability of beneficiary bank to receive electronic funds transfers, and intervening holidays and non-business days in country of currency. Funds transfer instructions requiring a repair may be delayed.

A successful Same Day Funds Transfer will result in the beneficiary bank's receipt of available funds; when funds are actually made available to the beneficiary is in not in the control of WorldLink Payment Services.

Beneficiary Deduct Expansion

WorldLink Payment Services beneficiary deduct enables you to instruct Citi to deduct transaction fees from the principle (beneficiary) amount of your WorldLink payment. This flexible feature allows you eliminate or reduce transaction costs and customize fee deductions to meet specific market or client needs.

Beneficiary Database

WorldLink's Beneficiary Database is a dynamic database that stores customer payment information in pre-validated pre-formats, such as name, address, account number, bank code, preferred payment method (based on availability in country of residence), etc., is maintained by WorldLink. Clients can initiate cross-border payments by either sending a domestic payment instruction to WorldLink quoting the pre-format record number or by transmitting an instruction file containing the amount to be paid and the pre-format record number