Welcome to WorldLink® Payment Services

For over 20 years, the WorldLink solution has been successfully enabling our clients to issue payments in more than 135 currencies, right from their offices via a single window — without having to maintain local currency accounts. WorldLink® Payment Services is a complete global transaction solution that makes cross-border payments simple and secure.

Benefits of WorldLink Payment Services include:


Choose from a range of payment options including electronic Funds Transfers, Checks, Cross-Border ACH and Cash.

Minimized Risk

The WorldLink solution helps you decrease exposure to check fraud, counterparty risk, clearing requirements and exposure to currency devaluation.

Cost Savings

With the WorldLink service, the need for multiple foreign currency accounts and the idle balances are eliminated, as are the extra charges and time-consuming reconciliation that are often required.


All transactions are protected by sophisticated encryption technologies, access restrictions and authentication procedures.

Streamlined Clearing

WorldLink transactions adhere to most local clearing requirements and all laws and regulations improving clearing times and reducing costs.

Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates

Currency purchases are aggregated across transactions for better rates.

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