Citi® Procure to Pay

A Suite of Flexible Payables and Supply Chain Solutions

Enriching Insights. Enabling Success.

Many organizations are studying their payables and payments processes in search of opportunities to improve their performance and increase the health of their financial supply chains. Citi® Procure to Pay can help your organization to navigate the complexities of their payables environment by providing the advice, supporting services and payment tools to help organizations reach their business goals.

Citi Procure to Pay Overview

Citi Procure to Pay is a set of analytics, tools and solutions that help buying organizations and their suppliers manage the payables financial supply chain. Citi Procure to Pay uses powerful analytic engines to help buying organizations drive improved process, payment and Working Capital results. Citi’s market knowledge and solutions help organizations and their suppliers achieve lower costs, improved controls, and increased returns and optimized Working Capital.

Citi Procure to Pay Provides

  • World-class payables analytic capabilities
  • Decreases accounts payable costs and reduces cycle time
  • Increases visibility, audits and controls across your financial supply chain
  • Integrates global payment, supplier financing and card solutions
  • Enhances supplier enablement tools to drive adoption and success

Solutions to Address Your Needs

Citi's suite of payables tools can be used individually to address specific needs or in combination to address your Procure to Pay process holistically.

Payment Solutions

  • Citi® Purchasing Cards: Used for any procurement expense, yielding process savings and cash benefits.
  • Citi Virtual Cards: Citi offers a variety of highly secure AP settlement cards, allowing you to integrate card settlement into e-procurement systems as well as directly to your other AP processes.
  • Payment Automation: Convert checks to electronic payments and electronic remittances, providing your partners faster, smarter access to cash, while saving you operational expenses and increasing audits and controls.

Supporting Solutions

  • Citi Working Capital Analytics (CWCA) – Proprietary analytics that use your payment data flows and supplier profiles to identify improvement opportunities in Working Capital Management, Payment Automation and Payable Strategy
  • Accounts Payable (AP) Process Automation – Organizations can reduce invoice processing costs and accounts payable cycle times by working with Citi to examine their current processes and move to a more effective payables process. Citi assists clients in managing invoicing, workflow and payment as well as additional AP needs.
  • Supplier Enablement – The Citi Procure to Pay team will leverage industry best-in-class processes for enabling suppliers across the entire payables suite of solutions. Citi understands that success in any payables solution is achievable only through supplier participation

Trade Solutions

  • Citi® Integrated Freight Processing: A business-to-business payment network that leverages the Syncada platform and specializes in the complicated transportation and freight- payment market.
  • Supplier Finance Solutions: Leverage Citi’s Supply Chain Finance products to improve liquidity for you and your supply-chain partner through sophisticated Working Capital, Discount Management, and Days Payable Outstanding strategies.

For more information about Citi Procure to Pay, please contact your Citi representative or click here.