Citi® Procure to Pay

Electronic Payments

Electronic Payments is specifically designed to automate, integrate and simplify payables processing, allowing you to achieve all the benefits associated with paying suppliers via ACH or buyer-initiated Purchasing Card.


  • Reduced costs of paper check processing
  • Ability to leverage financial incentives such as rebates and early payment discounts
  • Improved control of the timing of your disbursements
  • Better visibility into your spending
  • Advanced fraud protection and security features

The Electronic Payments solution features a hosted web-based Payment Gateway that provides a suite of value-added services for optimizing electronic payment workflows.

Citi® Payment Gateway manages bank account data for suppliers, houses rich remittance data, and supports payments made with ACH and buyer-initiated Purchasing Cards. Buyer-initiated purchases made with Purchasing Cards mirror payments made by ACH, combining the security of ACH with the financial benefits of a Purchasing Card, including increased opportunity for rebates. Buyers can send the file directly, from their organization's ERP system, with no point-of-sale transaction required and no need to show the card to the supplier. Whether payments are made by ACH or with a buyer-initiated Purchasing Card, Citi manages the disbursement.

Payment gateway features

Citi® Payment Gateway benefits:

  • Comprehensive supplier enablement program that provides seamless onboarding for all your suppliers
  • Management of your suppliers' bank account data for ACH payment flows
  • Secure, file based Purchasing Card payments where suppliers never see card numbers
  • Secure online access to remittance data for you and your suppliers
  • Web-based portal for payment status and reporting
  • Single file delivery for both ACH and buyer-initiated Purchasing Card transactions (In fact, we can even process your checks through the same single files for added efficiency.)
  • Ability to link transactions and payments to Supplier Finance programs