Lean Accounts Payable through an Integrated Payments Solution

Citi® Payment Exchange is a next-generation payments tool that makes payments easy and lean.

Citi Payment Exchange helps you maximize electronic adoption by payees and eliminate administrative waste from the payments value chain resulting in significant cost savings.

Citi Payment Exchange is flexible and easy to implement. By combining multiple payment channels into a single platform with little or no technical effort, the solution consolidates your payments processes for added efficiency. It also addresses administrative challenges such as payee enrollment and data maintenance by taking a scientific and systematic approach to payee segmentation, targeting and subsequent enrollment. As a result, you benefit from maximizing A/P cost savings from electronic conversion.

Benefits at a Glance

Citi Payment Exchange puts you in control of your accounts payable process. With Citi Payment Exchange you can:

  • Increase electronification
  • Reduce payment costs
  • Simplify administration and Increase payee confidence
  • Lower fraud risk
  • Improve vendor relationships
  • Maximize straight through processing
  • Shrink your carbon footprint

One solution, multiple methods

Citi Payment Exchange provides access to multiple payment methods, such as Cards, ACH and checks offering you the flexibility to select the mix of payment methods that best balance your payables costs with your supplier terms.

For more information about Citi Payment Exchange, please contact your Citi representative.