Citibank® Integrated Payments Service

You operate all over the world, making payments of all types—which can be complex and time-consuming. Citi can help provide greater efficiency and control with a single solution that meets your global and local payment needs.

Citibank® Integrated Payments Service offers information management and consistency across all your locations and processes—from pricing and transacting through reporting, customer service and billing.

Designed for organizations looking to improve efficiency through standardization, automation and centralization of their payment operations, Citibank Integrated Payments Service provides:

Cost savings. Minimize your costs by streamlining payment processes, outsourcing non-core payment activities, and standardizing reporting.

Convenience. Meet regional and country-specific payment requirements with a single solution.

Efficiency. Standardize transaction initiation and reporting options for consistency across all your locations with Citi´s advanced technology and local and global network.

Flexibility. Choose from a range of payment options, including funds transfers and cross border checks. You can also indicate specific payment needs for particular regions and countries.

Versatility. We facilitate electronic and paper transactions in more than 100 currencies with a comprehensive package of payment products and services that are tailored to the way you do business.