Citibank® Funds Transfer

Citibank® Funds Transfers is the ideal tool to remit payments that need same-day execution and settlement, such as investments, treasury payments, foreign exchange settlements and third-party settlements. You gain same-day movement of funds and immediate availability, with payments processed by our Funds Transfer Network, then executed via CHIPS, FedWire or Book-to-Book transfer.

With Citibank Funds Transfer, you benefit from:

  • Initiation of payments electronically, via Electronic Banking, File Transmission, CPU or SWIFT™
  • Ability to move U.S. Dollars around the globe on a same-day basis, with immediate availability
  • Intra-day liquidity, especially in the broker dealer market
  • Immediate advising options to parties inside and outside a transaction

Along with funds transfer processing, we offer several ancillary services, including Funds Transfer E-mail and Fax Advising, Funds Transfer Future Advising and Funds Transfer Timed Payments.

Citi is a market leader in USD funds transfer payments. For over 30 years, we have provided high-quality funds transfer services to our clients.

Learn about the benefits of a multi-product solution that´s customized for your specific North American or global payment needs.