Citibank® Controlled Disbursement and Fraud Prevention Services

Citi is among the largest single-point provider of controlled disbursement and fraud prevention services in the industry. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your needs for paper-based payment processing, funding, and liquidity management. And your zero-balance checking account is funded daily to prevent overdrafts and maximize liquidity.

Our reconciling and fraud prevention services help you reduce errors and costly write-offs. Citi's state-of-the-art Delaware Processing Facility reconciles checks presented for payment with checks you actually issued, giving you more control over the items you decide to pay. You can choose from multiple levels of fraud protection, including Positive Pay and Payee Name Authentication.

Citi also offers top-notch imaging services to help you reduce investigation and retrieval costs. By combining our searchable, physical archive of checks and statements with our fraud prevention capabilities, we can help you service customer requests. You can search through thousands of checks or statement pages in seconds, improving efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Learn about the benefits of a multi-product solution that´s customized for your specific North American or global payment needs.