Citibank® Check and Print Service

You can reduce costly in-house payment processes by taking advantage of Citibank® Check and Print Service, a complete outsourced solution for printing and mailing checks, invoices and statements. With Citi as your single, trusted partner for paper-based payments, you can:

  • Free valuable company resources to focus on your core business
  • Leverage Citi’s volume discounts for paper, printing and postage
  • Make payments in the U.S. and Canada via a single channel
  • Offload a wide variety of payment needs, including:
    • Payroll
    • Account payable
    • Vendors
    • Dividends
    • Interest
    • Claims
    • Royalties
    • Rebates
    • Class-action lawsuits

With Citibank Check and Print Service, you gain both worldwide scale and leading-edge technology advantages—all without having to invest in costly infrastructure investments and upgrades.

Learn about the benefits of a multi-product solution that´s customized for your specific North American or global payment needs.