TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal

In a world where the complexity of your operations are onerous enough, Citi’s TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal can provide visibility — enterprise-wide and at the click of a button — to improve overall control of your financial data, optimizing your global cash allocation and credit usage.

TreasuryVision facilitates full transparency through:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of global financial information aggregated within a single service
  • Powerful analytics forecasting functionality, that is customizable at the client and user level, assist you to effectively manage liquidity and risk
  • Sophisticated treasury workflow tools, like cash flow forecasting, bank account management and intercompany lending management, help you to optimize organizational efficiency
  • Export capabilities to client TMS and ERP systems

TreasuryVision directly addresses key concerns corporate Treasury is facing:

Manage Exposures

Fragmented liquidity across subsidiaries and bank partners can lead to operational risks and higher costs. TreasuryVision can deliver value to companies through:

  • Multi-asset & financial institution exposure reporting–Flexible user-defined reporting by region, business, legal entity, bank, currency
  • Tools to track bank account opening & rationalization
  • Streamlined enforcement of global treasury policy with exception reports and alerting

  • Daily & intraday visibility into cash holdings and forecasted flows
  • Visibility of crucial information, facilitating the development of KPIs like overdrafts & idle balances
  • Effectively manage funding levels and variances to forecasts
  • Maximize your liquidity and optimize investment yields through seamless integration with Citibank® Online Investments
  • Mobilize cash balances and actively manage subsidiary liquidity

  • Monitor aggregate cash and liquidity positions across multibank cash pools
  • Gather forecast flows globally to highlight cash & currency needs
  • Centralized management of intercompany positions

An Award-winning Platform
  • Alexander Hamilton: Tool of the Year
  • AFP: Pinnacle Award
  • The Banker: Application of the Year
  • E-FX: Initiative of the Year
  • European Banking Technology Award: Best use of IT in Corporate & Investment Banking

For more information about TreasuryVision, please contact your Citi representative.

"TreasuryVision is a perfect tool for a centralized treasury set-up to handle large-scal banking operations with ease."

— Aroon Dasappa, Tata Communications

At a Glance

TreasuryVision can be deployed to support visibility, risk management and cash positioning for better control and efficiency in the treasury organization:

  • Provide direct access to reporting to business managers and local treasury operations
  • Aggregate all bank account information from Citi and other third party banks
  • Customize reporting to match legal entity hierarchy globally
  • Get daily reporting of cash pooling activity and perform detailed analysis of business impacts on funding
  • Manage your book of intercompany term loans
  • Actively trade time deposits, money market funds and other short-term fixed income using Citi’s Online Investment Portal