TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal

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In a world where the complexity of your operations are onerous enough, Citi’s TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal can provide visibility — enterprise-wide and at the click of a button — to improve overall control of your financial data, optimizing your global cash allocation and credit usage.

TreasuryVision facilitates full transparency through:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of global financial information (cash and investments) aggregated within a single service
  • Powerful analytics forecasting functionality, that is customizable at the client and user level, assist you to effectively manage liquidity and risk
  • Sophisticated treasury workflow tools, like cash flow forecasting, bank account management and intercompany lending management, help you to optimize organizational efficiency
  • Export capabilities to client TMS and ERP systems

TreasuryVision directly addresses key concerns corporate Treasury is facing:

Manage Exposures

Fragmented liquidity across subsidiaries and bank partners can lead to operational risks and higher costs. TreasuryVision can deliver value to companies through:

  • Multi-asset & financial institution exposure reporting–Flexible user-defined reporting by region, business, legal entity, bank, currency
  • Tools to track bank account opening & rationalization
  • Streamlined enforcement of global treasury policy with exception reports and alerting

Optimize Cash Utilization
  • Daily & intraday visibility into cash holdings and forecasted flows
  • Visibility of crucial information, facilitating the development of KPIs like overdrafts & idle balances
  • Effectively manage funding levels and variances to forecasts
  • Maximize your liquidity and optimize investment yields through seamless integration with Citibank® Online Investments
  • Mobilize cash balances and actively manage subsidiary liquidity

Centralize Decisioning
  • Monitor aggregate cash and liquidity positions across multibank cash pools
  • Integrate cash and short-term investment activity
  • Centralized management of intercompany positions

An Award-winning Platform
  • Alexander Hamilton: Tool of the Year
  • AFP: Pinnacle Award
  • The Banker: Application of the Year
  • E-FX: Initiative of the Year
  • European Banking Technology Award: Best use of IT in Corporate & Investment Banking

For more information about TreasuryVision, please contact your Citi representative.

"TreasuryVision was ready to go rapidly and immediately filled the gap in our visibility of account information... It provides us with clear and accurate information about cash balances across the group. Overall, TreasuryVision's functionality is impressive."

— Eleni Tsigka, Coca-Cola Hellenic

"TreasuryVision is a perfect tool for a centralized treasury set-up to handle large-scal banking operations with ease."

— Aroon Dasappa, Tata Communications

At a Glance

TreasuryVision can be deployed to support visibility, risk management and cash positioning for better control and efficiency in the treasury organization:

  • Provide direct access to reporting to business managers and local treasury operations
  • Aggregate all bank account information from Citi and other third party banks
  • Customize reporting to match legal entity hierarchy globally
  • Get daily reporting of cash pooling activity and perform detailed analysis of business impacts on funding
  • Manage your book of intercompany term loans
  • Actively trade time deposits, money market funds and other short-term fixed income using Citi’s Online Investment Portal