Citi® Treasury Diagnostics

As you develop a customized strategy to define and deliver value to your enterprise, you want to incorporate a measurement of your organization’s treasury practices relative to others. Citi® Treasury Diagnostics is an award-winning comprehensive benchmarking analysis specially designed to evaluate treasury practices, providing you essential input into your project and resource planning related to mitigating risks and maximizing shareholder value.

We are pleased that Citi® Treasury Diagnostics has received positive recognition from clients and the industry.

The Diagnostic
  • Is a web-based, easy to use tool that collects your secure, online responses across fundamental treasury disciplines through a 20-30 minute online survey.
  • Confidential responses between you and Citi.
  • Questions are carefully crafted by market research specialists and treasury practitioners.
The Evaluation
A company's treasury performance is benchmarked against industry peers and best-in-class companies in six critical treasury operations areas:

  • Governance & Controls
  • Liquidity Management
  • Cash & Working Capital Management
  • Entity Funding & Repatriation
  • Risk Management
  • Systems & Technology
The Results
  • Receive a personalized benchmarking report specific to your organization that provides insight into your treasury's performance.
  • Best-in-class definitions are included in every Treasury Diagnostics report.
  • Utilize customized results and a series of data points to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of firm-wide treasury management.
  • Citi® Treasury Diagnostics has proven success as a tool to strengthen existing processes, identify areas of improvement, and dissects the treasury function in an objective fashion.

For further information, you may watch a short video on Citi Treasury Diagnostics here. If you are interested in taking the survey, please contact your Citi Representative.

“Treasury Diagnostics was a valuable exercise... It offered us the opportunity to strengthen existing processes and to identify areas for improvement.”

— Patricia Hui, Mentor Graphics

At a Glance

Key Benefits of Citi® Treasury Diagnostics

  • Independent, objective peer-benchmarking of your treasury practices
  • Identification of strengths, as well as opportunities to improve the effectiveness of firm-wide treasury management