Notional Pooling

A key offering within Citi's Global Liquidity and Investments product suite, Notional Pooling is ideal for corporations with decentralized operational structures that want to preserve the autonomy of their subsidiaries and accounts.

Pool participant accounts in a single currency are aggregated for interest compensation purposes. Funds are not physically moved, but are instead notionally combined. There is no commingling of funds, and the integrity of the individual account position is maintained. Net excess pool positions both in the U.S. and offshore may be fully invested using one of our Automated Investments solutions.

Notional Pooling enables you to:

  • Minimize interest expense by off-setting debit and credit positions
  • Preserve autonomy, control and record-keeping
  • Benefit from off-setting without movement of funds
  • Automate interest reallocation
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Concentrate balances

To fully realize the benefits of a global liquidity structure, Notional Pooling is often used in conjunction with Target Balancing and Automated Investments.

Notional Pooling is offered in those jurisdictions where permitted by regulation.