Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The buyer and the supplier agree on commercial terms of the transaction
  2. The buyer approves the supplier’s invoice
  3. Using the Citi® Supplier Finance platform:
    • The buyer sends the approval with payment instructions to Citi
    • Citi notifies the supplier of the approval
    • The supplier can then opt to immediately discount the underlying receivables, converting them to cash without recourse at a lower rate of funding
    • In this case, Citi remits funds to the supplier at the discounted payment amount
    • Citi debits the buyer's disbursement account on the date agreed upon with the supplier
The Citibank price is based on a base rate, such as LIBOR (the London Inter Bank Offered Rate published by the British Banking Authority), plus a spread. We determine the fee to purchase your receivables based on the Citibank price, the value of your receivables and the period your receivable is outstanding. Generally, the fee works out to be well under 1% of the invoice amount–far less than it would cost you to fund this receivable, resulting in savings to you.
  • Has been a world leader in the supplier finance space since 2002, with billions of payments processed to date
  • Is the largest single program with the longest track record
  • Thousands of suppliers from across different industries and countries are currently taking advantage of the Citi Supplier Finance service
  • Provides highly competitive pricing
  • Has proven capacity to support financing needs, with history of supporting suppliers throughout times of tightening credit availability
  • 100% ownership of supplier finance platform
The base rate can change daily. The base rate will vary based on your country of residence and currency of the transaction.
Once Citibank has received completed originals of the Supplier Agreement and Supplier Setup Form, you will generally have full access to the system within 10 days.
Note: It may take additional time for P&G to activate you in their system.
For assistance during the onboarding process, please contact your Citibank representative directly.
You will receive an e-mail welcoming you to our program and providing you with your user ID. Your password will be mailed separately for security reasons.
Please contact your customer representative who you normally do business with to ensure you are properly set up and that payments are due to you.
If you are a sole proprietor, we will need some additional information from you. Please contact your Citibank representative for details.
Our contract will allow you to terminate the service with 20 days’ written notice.
No, you are not required to open up a Citibank account. We will deposit the funds into your existing account. You will be required to provide your banking information and bank verification documentation during the enrollment process.

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