Securities Lending & Financial Solutions

A Full Spectrum of Financing Solutions

Whether you're managing a hedge fund or considering alternative investment strategies for a traditional long-only pension plan, mutual fund or foundation, the need to optimize opportunity and minimize risk is consistent. Citi's Prime Finance has the reach and the resources to help you meet that challenge.

Whatever your strategy, we provide exceptional value by combining our award-winning multi-asset franchises with comprehensive reporting and a successful track record of innovative financing solutions in

Securities Lending: Source and Resource
As a client of Prime Finance, you hold the keys to:

Unique specials optimized box: A multibillion margin box of securities, one of the largest in the industry, comprised of "specials optimized" inventory, consisting of over 9 million client accounts including our Smith Barney relationships as well as proprietary positions.

International exclusives: In Europe and Asia we actively develop and expand our network of institutional lending relationships-using a qualitative vs. quantitative approach in order to add supply in those areas where we do not have captive sources.

Institutional relationships worldwide:

  • Top-tier pensions
  • Endowments
  • Trust banks
  • Retirement systems
  • Asset managers

24-hour on-line locates: The Prime Finance portal provides the most comprehensive information and capabilities in the industry. Whether you need to fill in the gaps or add opportunistically, we have what you need.

Repos: Active liquidity management
Citi is a major provider of liquidity to the street, offering exceptional financing options for our clients. Our dedicated repo specialists act like an extension of your treasury department; monitoring your balances and actively managing your liquidity.
We provide you with end-to-end service by leveraging Citi's:

  • Developing and emerging market access
  • Strong Fixed Income franchise
  • Superior balance sheet

Prime Finance Swaps: A portfolio approach to total return swaps
Prime Finance Swaps is an enhanced swap platform that promotes a portfolio approach to managing swaps. The platform has been built to sustain high levels of activity and increase operational efficiencies while utilizing web-enabled reporting tools. Advantages include:

  • Optimized portfolio margining
  • Simplified documentation which eliminates paper trade confirms
  • Web-based daily reporting integrated with PrimeServe reports
  • Flexible, periodic payment schedule consolidated by currency
  • Elimination of settlement risk and the associated interest claims or nondeliveries charges

Customizable capabilities
Tailor-made to match each client's requirements, the Prime Finance Swaps platform offers much greater flexibility in terms of swap set up and cash flows. The comprehensive reporting suite, available through the Prime Finance portal, provides complete transparency so cash flows can be easily reconciled and settled directly to your cash account.

Plugs into execution tools and reporting
Utilizing a fully integrated platform, your trades flow with equal ease into DMA, Portfolio Trading, Swaps Trading, or to traditional "high touch" sales trading execution, while offering DMA capabilities in some markets. Trading activities are reflected through the Prime Finance portal, delivering your prime brokerage and swap positions into a single report.