Capital Introduction

Global Pool of Relationships

Our Capital Introduction team extends across London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore. Our ever-expanding list of investors includes fund of funds, institutions, pension funds, endowments and foundations, family offices, private banks and Citi's internal allocating groups:

  • Citi Alternative Investments
  • Citi Pension Plan
  • Citi Global Wealth Management
  • Citi Institutional Consulting

Targeting key investors
To put you in front of the right people and convey the most accurate message, we use a variety of meeting opportunities:

  • Citi Roundtables: To take your idea to a relevant group with a record of investment in your funds specialty
  • Capital Introduction events: To present your idea to 50-100 investors along with no more than five other fund managers
  • Informal opportunities: To attend dinners and receptions or to participate on panels at Citi-sponsored events
  • One-on-one meetings: To participate in one-on-one introductions

Quality, not quantity
In each situation or meeting format, it's not just the amount of information you deliver, but how well you target it to the investors who are listening. Our basic objectives are to help you convey the most accurate message, put you in front of the right people and help you build a solid foundation for the success of your fund.