Cash Equities

Our high-touch teams serve institutional clients in the international marketplace. With local desks in 30 countries and market access in 70 countries, we have strong local insight across the globe.

Our TotalTouch service is improving connectivity between our high-touch and electronic market making capabilities. Traders use the real-time messaging system to send clients actionable quotes on stocks where they want to take a position. The client can place an order automatically at the quoted price. The system also frees up sales-traders to provide additional services.

We serve our clients in three ways:

Research Sales teams work closely with client portfolio managers.

They distribute Citi-led primary and secondary market offerings. They facilitate client interactions to identify trading ideas. They work closely with other units within Citigroup.

They focus on each client’s investment style and financial priorities. They home in on specific sectors, segments and geographic areas to highlight opportunities. They leverage Citigroup’s specialist knowledge and cross-asset capabilities to generate alpha returns for clients.

Sales-Traders advise on client strategy and provide market color.

They are in continuous, close contact with the client trading community.

Traders manage inventory and liquidity. As market makers they provide liquidity for both listed and OTC securities. Cash and derivatives desks are tightly integrated to ensure keen pricing in all market conditions. Where relevant, traders use algorithmic strategies to access global markets electronically.