Citi Equities provides a broad range of products and services for equity and equity-linked instruments.

We are involved in sales, trading, financing and market-making. We devise and distribute structured solutions. And we provide access to liquidity, via our internal crossing platform and through connectivity with global markets.

Global presence
Top multinationals and institutional investors benefit from our local expertise and global reach. We have trading desks in over 30 countries and jurisdictions and market access in 70 countries.

Client-centered innovation
We’re generating sustainable growth in our business by providing innovative solutions that address specific client concerns.

Common purpose
The commitment to putting clients first extends right across Citigroup. We use links and formal partnerships with other Citi departments to expand our services.

Centralized risk
Overall exposure is managed by our Centralized Risk Desk. CRD interacts with internal specialist business units. This adds resilience and allows us to optimize our portfolio. By centralizing risk we enhance liquidity, sharpen execution and tighten pricing.

The following information is subject to local regulatory requirements and products are only offered to sophisticated investors.