Oil & Oil Products

Citi is uniquely positioned in the oil and related products businesses to bring together all market participants. With developed relationships with producers and end-users in over 100 countries our global network allows us to efficiently manage risks through our centralized risk warehouse and add value to customers.

One market, global and macro implications
Oil continues to reach all-time highs, resulting from a multitude of factors including the weakness of the dollar, the credit crises, the turbulence in major oil producing regions such as the Middle East and Africa as well as OPEC maintaining rather than increasing production levels.

Global reach and product offering
Citi offers seamless trading across time zones with dedicated commodities teams based in strategic locations across the globe: Houston, London, and Singapore. We're proud of our ability to offer top-notch execution in all types of market conditions, with the backing of resources that enable us to provide you with innovative solutions.

To find out more about coal trading at Citi, contact:
Energy Hotline: (44-20) 7986 8603
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