Power & Gas

Citi has a comprehensive power and natural gas presence across North America and Europe offering both physical and financial products.

Citi Power and Gas North America
Citi is a member of NYMEX. And from it.s offices in Houston and Calgary trades physical and financial power in ERCOT, CAISO, NEPOOL, PJM, MISO, as well as IESO and AESO. Citi can provides both financial and physical natural gas products. Our presence in the marketplace allows us to offer a large range of products and terms including spark-spreads, dark-spreads, and other derivatives.

Price Reporting Code of Conduct
Citigroup Global Commodities (North America)

All personnel who work for or provide services to Citigroup Global Commodities (North America), in connection with wholesale electricity or natural gas transactions in the United States and Canada, are expected to comply with the principles outlined in the Price Reporting Code of Conduct.

Citi Power and Gas Europe
Citi is actively participating in power and gas markets across Europe including Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, The Nordics, UK, and Spain. Citi will be active in Polish and Czech power in 2008. We are members of EEX, Nordpool, Powernext, and APX. Citi.s gas activity spans from the UK to Continental Europe.

Many markets, volatility in common
As a liquidity provider in gas, oil, coal, emissions, and power, Citi is uniquely positioned to mitigate the markets with cross-commodity and structured transactions.

To find out more about power and natural gas products at Citi, contact:
Energy Hotline: (44-20) 7986 8603
Americas Hotline: (1) 713-752-5222

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