Citi's unparalleled global reach and financial expertise makes us the ideal partner for governments and corporates looking to tackle the massive challenges presented by climate change.

Think globally, acting locally
Citi customers get seamless access to international carbon markets and the flexi bility to transact what they want when they want and in a range of currencies. Whether you're looking to bring credits to market or source allowances for compl iance, investment or for voluntary offsetting, Citi's global coverage places us at the heart of international, regional and local carbon market developments mea ns we are uniquely placed to help our clients respond to the local challenges pr esented by the evolution of global climate policy.

New risks, familiar innovation
Carbon markets fundamentally alter the everyday investment, maintenance, operating, closure and compliance decisions faced by companies and Governments. Citi has applied the wealth of its financial expertise to develop the products and strategies to help our customers manage the resulting risks and challenges. Whether optimizing compliance strategies, managing input and output price risks, investing in emissions abatement or optimizing the financial consequences of buying and holding allowances, Citi's comprehensive market and product platform offers a seamless and tailored solution to meet your needs.

To find out more about emissions trading at Citi, contact:
Emissions Hotline: (44-20) 7986 8282