Agricultural & Softs

Citi can provide Agricultural and Softs products that reference against Exchange Traded Prices across various regional Futures Exchanges. The Agricultural and Softs market is growing rapidly in volume on the back of rising prices. Citi has the product suite to be able to help producer and end-users mitigate their price risk as well as allow for investors to participate in markets.

One market, global and macro implications
Volatility, uncertainty, risk - the Agricultural and Softs markets hold some of the greatest risks and the greatest opportunities. The commodities team can guide you through these markets with the financial strength and global reach you need.

Product scope
Citi's product suite is perfectly suited for every type of structure including cross commodity and investor structured solutions.

For more information on these products and more, contact:
Agricultural and Softs Products Hotline: (44-20) 7986 8603