Paying a bill

Pay all kinds of bill in a few easy steps.

  • Select Payments and Transfers from your My Citi dashboard. On the new page, click Make a Payment or Transfer.
  • Select Make a Bill Payment from the drop-down menu.
  • Use the second drop-down menu to choose the account you’ll be paying from.
  • In the third drop-down menu, select Make a Payment to a new merchant.
  • Click on SEARCH beside the new box, select a merchant category from the pop-up and click SEARCH again to find the company you want to pay.
  • Give the payee an easy-to-recognise nickname.
  • Enter the account number and bill amount.
  • Choose whether to pay immediately, on a future date or on a recurring basis.
  • Add a reference note so you can recognise the payment on your statement.
  • Choose whether to click the box to save this payee’s details in your payee list.
  • Click NEXT.
  • Take a few moments to check through your payment instructions.
  • Everything correct? Click Make This Payment to finish the task.