Making a transfer to a Citi account overseas

  • Move money between your own Citi account and another Citi account overseas – in real time.
  • First, select Payments and Transfers from your My Citi dashboard. On the new page, click Make a Payment or Transfer.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Make a transfer to an overseas Citi account.
  • Now choose the account you want to make the transfer from.
  • To specify your payee, select from any overseas Citi accounts you’ve paid before, or choose to add a new payee.
  • Decide whether to debit a specific amount from your sending account or credit a specific sum to the payee account.
  • Choose between an immediate, future or recurring payment.
  • Click NEXT to see the details of your transfer instruction.
  • Happy? Click CONFIRM for your money to be transferred at once.