Corporate lending

Citibank (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited and its affiliates offer a variety of short, medium and long-term financing solutions available in local and foreign currency. We have a long and proud record of working with Top Local Corporations, Multi-national Corporations, Financial Institutions, Governments and their agencies to provide timely, customized solutions to service their needs.

Our loan structures typically fall into the following categories:

Working Capital & Short-term Financing

Description: Working capital facilities may be requested to obtain short-term liquidity or fund current assets. Such financing may be structured in a variety of ways including receivables financing, payables financing and loans linked to the purchase of inventory.

Term Loans and Structured Financing

Description: Available in local and Foreign Currency facilities of varying tenors. These facilities are tailored to the capital structure, industry and based on market conditions unique to our clients. Facilities include bilateral, syndicated or club structures, locally, regionally or internationally.

Capital Markets

Description: Debt issuances in both local and international Capital Markets may be requested to access funding for strategic acquisitions, recapitalizations, capital expenditure or debt restructuring with various long term tenors tailored to our client’s capital structure, industry and based on market conditions.