Citibank® Corporate Customer Service Center


Protecting your account information is one of our priorities, therefore, to access to the CitiService customer service center, you must be authorized by the Service Access Manager delegated by your company.

If your company has not defined SAM (Service Access Managers) yet, please find below the corresponding form. You can contact us if any support is required when filling this form. Please send us an email to indicating your name and phone number in order to be contacted.

SAM Local Account

SAM New York Account

Remember that all calls to our IVR *Interactive Voice Response and Customer Service Representatives are toll free.

Our hours of operation are:

Business days from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM*

*Change in Banking Hours effective May 17th, 2021. Please be advised that our offices at 12 Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain have amended its hours of Operations to the Public from 9:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M. daily Monday to Friday.

Reference Guidelines for Self-Service

Through our IVR you can find a fast and easy way to obtain information from your accounts.


Interactive Voice Response

Self Service Tools CitiDirect BE®

Our Electronic Banking platform provides you multiple options to manage your account information in an efficient and proactively way.

Transactional Schedules

Book to Book: 4:00 PM
Cross Border: 1:00 PM
Interbank: 1:00 PM
Manager Checks 11:00 PM

Did you know...


About CitiService®

CitiService handles all your inquiries including:

  • General product information.
  • Balance and statement inquiries.
  • Transaction investigations.
  • Request for technical support.
  • Information on banking practices.
  • Support with Citidirect Inquiries
  • Copies of Swift
  • Status of your amendment
  • Return of funds
  • Credit confirmations

Currently we do not have any fee apply for queries raised to CitiService

Before making your inquiry, it is convenient that you have available the most detailed information about it, for example, account number, amount, date, etc. This way our representatives will be able to answer you more efficiently.

Please note that the below requests should be send to CitiService in a duly signed letter to our secure fax line 868-6256820

  • Certifications of:
    • Signatories
    • Electronic Banking
  • Audit Confirmations
  • Amendments
  • Debit Authorization
  • Recall of funds
  • Stop Payments of electronic transactions or checks

If you are already authorized by the CitiService delegate user administrator in your company, but your email is not authorized or changed domain, ask your CitiService user administrator to send the inclusion request or change as the case may be to the email

CitiFx Pulse®

CitiFx Pulse is a global platform that provides extensive currency coverage using the Citi network worldwide; The platform allows the customer to permanently access prices in the currency buying / selling markets quickly and safely. The negotiation is done through the Internet, without the need to install any platform.

If you require support on the use of CitiFx Pulse you can send an email to

Branch offices

  • 12 Queens Park East | Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Phone: (1) 868-6251046
  • Office Hours: Business days from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Foreign Trade - Trade

If you require support on issues related to foreign trade, you can call Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (business days) by phone (1-868)6272484 Op. 1-1-4 or Email:

The easy access to our representatives is one of the biggest advantages of the CitiService concept, One call, one contact, a single reference number

Contact Point

CitiService® Trinidad and Tobago

(868) 627 2484
(868) 625 6820