The Treasury Unit is comprised of the following:

Foreign Exchange (Spot / Forwards)

As an authorized dealer in foreign exchange, the Bank competes with other authorized dealers and cambios for the purchase of hard currency from exporters and other holders of foreign currency in order to sell to clients in satisfaction of their import and remittance requirements. The business also supports a Letter of Credit business which is dependent on our ability to make hard currency available to borrowers so that lines can be rolled over on a timely and profitable basis.

Placements/Borrowings/CDs/Repurchase Agreements

The Money Market activities include managing local currency, funding and investing. Citibank® N.A. Jamaica operates 2 separate portfolios, one in local currency and the other in locally generated US dollar deposits. Investments comprise mostly short to medium term loans and letters of credit to our customer base. Both portfolios are subject to similar reserves and withholding tax structures.

Fixed Income

The Fixed Income activities include investing in short and medium term Government and Central Bank debt securities.