About Citi Jamaica

Since 1960 Citi® has been operating in Jamaica as a licensed, locally-operated branch of Citibank®. Over the years, we have maintained a strong relationship with our regulators and consistently achieve a satisfactory audit rating from our Central Bank. In addition, Citi Jamaica is recognized by the local tax authorities as a significant (large) taxpayer because of our continued growth as a business and our lead role in corporate banking. Operating under Citi’s Institutional Client Group (ICG), Citi Jamaica is focused on a very exclusive target market encompassing the public sector, financial sector and large private sector corporations.

The breadth of the Bank's global reach, the depth of its expertise, a commitment to service, excellence and state of the art technology which links the bank to over 2,000 officers in 160 countries and jurisdictions, all give Citibank exceptional abilities to meet the full needs of customers competently and efficiently.

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