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Trade Services

Citi's Trade Solutions for corporate customers provide an array of products that help importers and exporters conduct, monitor, and control international commercial transactions as well as mitigate their associated risks. In addition, Citi provides financing solutions to both the importer and the exporter and helps to manage their payables and receivables.

With our global presence, we come to our customers with extensive knowledge of trade flows, legal and regulatory requirements, and country specific information.

In addition, our global presence allows us to take an end-to-end approach in commercial transactions, improving their efficiency.

Trade Solutions for Importers

Citibank® Import Letter of Credit

As an importer, with a Citibank® Import Letter of Credit, you can:

Documentary Import Collections

For commercial trade transactions, Citi's Import Documentary Collections are a simple and cost-effective alternative to Citibank® Import Letter of Credit. You can:

Working on your behalf throughout the world, Citi's efficient import collection services assure prompt payment to your supplier's bank. In fact, we often act on behalf of both importer and exporter in a trade transaction, thus speeding processing so that imported goods can be released to you faster.

Trade Solutions for Exporters

Citi Romania supports every aspect of your documentary trade transactions, from issuing, advising, amending, confirming and paying, letters of credit to settling and administering documentary collections. The following solutions are offered:

Export L/Cs confirmations

A Citibank® Letter of Credit Confirmation enables exporters to:

Export Collections

Bank Guarantees

Very often in international and domestic trade you are requested to provide your partner with a bank guarantee, or you are to receive a bank guarantee that you would like to be confirmed.

Citi can help you with the issuance as well with the confirmation of bank guarantees efficiently and quickly.