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December 3, 2020

50 000 saplings in Pilisi Parkerdő – to mark Citi’s milestone anniversaries in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary – A double jubilee is celebrated by Citi in Hungary this year: 35 years ago, in 1985 Citi Hungary was founded, while the Citi Solutions Center, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, was established in Budapest in 2005. Citi, which values sustainability very highly, wishes to make the double jubilee memorable by planting 50.000 saplings in Hungary. With this forest planting project Citi does not only contribute to climate protection, but also expresses its long-term commitment to the country.

The first sapling, a maple, was planted by Veronika Spanarova, CEO of Citi Hungary, Kevin A. Murray, Citi’s CEO for Central Europe and Károly Kodaj, Citi Solutions Center Budapest Interim Head in Hűvösvölgyi Nagyrét.

Within the next few days, the planting of the remaining indigenous small trees continues in territories belonging to Pilisi Parkerdő, depending on their natural habitat. On the Buda side oak varieties, maples, rowans and lindens, while on the Pest side indigenous poplars are being planted by forestry’s professionals until the end of the 2020-2021 planting season, most probably as long as mid-March. This is the most favourable period for planting trees, as the conditions are ideal for rooting.

Kevin A. Murray, Citi’s CEO for Central Europe highlighted the following: ‘Climate-change is one of the most far-reaching challenges the world is facing right now. It’s our shared responsibility to pro-actively participate in protecting the environment, and to commit ourselves to a more sustainable future.

‘It is a great pleasure that through this forest planting project we can make these anniversariesmemorable: the foundation of both Citi Hungary and the Citi Solutions Center Budapest, and we can also aptly celebrate the successful last few decades of our presence in the country,’ said Veronika Spanarova, CEO of Citi Hungary.

’I wish to thank all my colleagues for their great work, and thus for their indirect contribution to making our environment greener and more liveable,’ added Károly Kodaj, Citi Solutions Budapest Interim Head.

The planting of the trees is completed in close co-operation with Pilisi Parkerdő Kft, which has also agreed to take care of and to maintain the trees in the long run.

With a 35-year history of presence, ingenuity and leadership in Hungary, today, Citi Hungary operates as a unique global bank providing a wide range of world-class products and services to large local corporations, SMEs, multinational clients, financial institutions and the public sector. Together with our Citi Solutions Center Budapest, which provides services in various areas of Technology, Operations, Finance, and Risk & Control for Citi-entities worldwide, more than 2,300 employees working at Citi Hungary.

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