Citibank Egypt's Markets Division is one of the leading players in the Local market. Our team of professionals manage the country's balance sheet mitigating both interest rate and foreign exchange exposures. As an active player in the local interbank market, our objective is to provide our clients' with a wide range of Markets solutions to cater for their business needs. We provide our clients with ideas, market insights, trading services, analytics, and new products across a broad spectrum of asset classes

Markets's ability to offer world-class product solutions is optimized through Citi's access to the vast global branch and correspondent network of Citigroup

Our product capabilities include:

Foreign Exchange

  • Spot purchase/sale of foreign currencies against the Egyptian Pound
  • Forward purchase of foreign currencies against the Egyptian Pound
  • Spot and Forward purchase/sale of foreign exchange crosses

Fixed Income

  • Access to primary and secondary government debt markets
  • Liquidity management and yield enhancement solutions built around money market instruments (e.g. purchase of Markets Bills/Bonds for customers)

Derivatives and Risk Mitigation

  • Exposure management strategies for hedging foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price risks (e.g. FRA's, Interest rate swaps, Collars, Caps, Floors, Commodity derivatives)
  • Liquidity management strategies

Market Analysis/Updates

  • In-depth analysis and research on regional and international markets
  • Regular updates on market developments and trends
  • Customer seminars on foreign exchange and derivative products

Contact Us:

Sameh Abo El-Naga
Country Treasurer
Tel: +202 2322 6855

Karim El-Kady
Head of Trading
Tel: +202 2322 6810

Anwar Nasser
Tel: +202 2322 6841

Nadia Haikal
Corporate Foreign exchange Sales Head
Tel: +202 2322 6771

Randa Marwan
Corporate Foreign exchange Sales
Tel: +202 2322 6722

Passant Abdel Kader
Balance Sheet Trader
Tel: +202 2322 6825
Markets and Securities Services

Yomna Halawa
Tel: +202 2322 6838