Human Resources

Our Mission

To attract, develop, train, groom and retain qualified diversified talent who will help Citi in attaining and maintaining its competitive advantage. We promote excellence in people for them to grow in parallel with the institutional growth.

Our Vision

Our success in Citi is dependent on our successful efforts in recruiting, identifying, selecting and hiring highly qualified committed human assets who will help Citi to meet its strategic goals.

Training and Development

Believing in the importance of our employees, Citi invest in and avail career path development for its renowned employees including availing offshore opportunities for mobile employees as well as short term assignments. We capitalize on being a global bank to export local talent as and when there are opportunities.

Training and development is a key factor for the career growth of our staff and subsequently the institutional growth. We believe that on-the- Job training is the most important and effective training tool. Additionally, we avail local trainings at the Egyptian Banking Institute and other accredited training providers. We have our rich Online training catalogue covering different online trainings including but not limited to soft skills, leadership courses and product related trainings.

Interested candidates in Job opportunities at Citi, please visit Citi Careers website to check on local as well as offshore opportunities