The 2015 Digital Money Symposium

27 January 2015
From 07.45 to 12.30 | Followed by lunch

Greater London Authority
City Hall, The Queen's Walk London, SE1 2AA

Tuesday 27 January 2015
07.45 – 08.15 Registration and morning refreshment
08.15 – 08.20 Welcome & Introduction

Speaker: Naveed Sultan, Global Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi
08.20 – 08.30 Opening Remarks

Speaker: Jamie Forese, Co-President of Citi and Chief Executive Officer of the Institutional Clients Group, Citi
08.30 – 09.00 Digital Money: Why should you care and what can you do about it?
Digital money holds the promise of significant benefits for businesses. At a minimum, there is the promise of efficiency gains from lower cost of cash handling – but there is also the more enticing potential for disproportionate gains. Citi and Imperial College London's 2015 Digital Money Index and Report focuses on the role of businesses in driving adoption and the associated benefits.

Speaker: Sandeep Dave, Director, Global Digital Strategy, Citi
09.00 – 10.00 A Practitioners Playbook
Businesses stand to gain significantly from digital money adoption. However, driving adoption is often perceived to solely lie in the public sector domain. A cross industry panel will share their experiences in building digital money ecosystems, challenges faced along the way and resulting benefits.

Moderator: Jane Atherton, Managing Director, Citi
Speaker: Yasmina McCartney, Commercial Director for Mobile Money, GSMA
June Felix, Head of Europe, Verifone
Shashi Verma, Director Customer Experience, Transport For London
Kim Ludlow, UK MD, mySupermarket
10.00 – 10.30 Coffee Break
10.30 – 11.00 You have to be in it to win it
Through an initiative to extend internet access to unwired regions of the globe through balloons, drones and satellites – Google has an objective to bring the remaining two thirds of the population online and affording them with the same opportunities as the connected third. So what can the digital money ecosystem learn from this? Do we need to put more emphasis on an infrastructure that enables and drives the provision of digital money solutions?

Speaker: Kristen Morrissey Thiede, Director of Business Development, Google Fiber
11.00 – 12.00 In with the new – but are we out with the old?
Digitization is driving disruption and change along established value chains. As a result, existing economic and business models are shifting and being disintermediated by new players. Much like other industries, financial services is being disrupted by new models, technologies and players. But does this mean banks will disappear? This moderated discussion will explore the impact of disruption and what this means to financial services as we know it.

Moderator: Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times
Speaker: Greg Baxter, Head of Digital Strategy, Citi
Bob Ferguson, Head of Department, Policy, Risk & Research Division, Financial Conduct Authority
Jon Matonis, Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation
Giles Andrews, Co-founder & CEO, Zopa
12.00 – 12.30 Closing Keynote

Speaker: Anne Bouverot, CEO of GSMA
12.30 – 1.00 Closing Remarks

Speaker: Professor David Gann, Vice President, Development & Innovation, Imperial College London