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“The NYAH model combines the objectives of Citi and L+M in that double bottom line way we both look at the world and look at New York City where we do good by doing well. It has been a great partnership.”

— Ron Moelis, President, L+M

“Citi is always our go to place. We love to be able to bring deals to Citi because we know they know how to get things done.”

— Doug Shoemaker, President, Mercy Housing California

“Working with Citi has been a very positive experience.”

— Sue Kimmel, President & CEO, Two Plus Four Management

“Our efforts with Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) help them work with the communities as they continue to preserve and transform critical housing. We are proud to provide the development construction financing for this POAH effort, a property at the core of the ongoing revitalization of Chicago’s South Side.”

— Mark Dean, Managing Director, Citi Community Capital

"In the wake of Superstorm Sandy’s destruction, the invaluable contribution of Citi helped preserve an existing affordable housing development, upgrade the housing to improve the quality of life for residents, stabilize the community, and most importantly, provide families with safe, high-quality homes for the long-term."

— Ron Moelis, Chairman & CEO, L&M Development Partners

"Three principles at the core of what we stand for — to invest our resources with those who share the vision of using housing as the foundation for lasting social and economic growth across the country."

— Mark Dean, Managing Director, Citi Community Capital