As digital technology continues to transform the world around us, fraudsters are becoming braver, more creative and increasingly sophisticated. At Citi, we understand the challenges you face and are passionate about sharing knowledge and best practices to help protect your business.

COVID-19 Resources

This is what fraud looks like

Fraudsters are increasingly taking advantage of the disruption caused by COVID-19 to target businesses. Learn what a typical email attack might look like.

Working Remotely? Be Aware of these Home Office Scams

Working from home offers undeniable perks, but it can also introduce new fraud risks. Learn about the scams targeting remote workers.

The Art of the Scam

Fraud Overview

An Overview of Fraud and Cybersecurity

Protecting against the threats and attacks that fraud and cybersecurity pose is an ever-increasing concern for businesses today. For many, it has become imperative to safeguard their organisations from such dangers.

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What to Do in the Event of Fraud

Advice on steps to take in the event of suspected or actual fraud involving bank payments.

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How to Combat Fraud

Fraudsters exploit human psychology and other social engineering tactics in an attempt to commit fraud. Be vigilant: recognizing signs of fraud is the most effective way to combat it.

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Best Practices

The Evolving Threat of Email Scams

Awareness of Business Email Compromise is growing, but the scams are also evolving, leaving businesses vulnerable to attack. Learn more about some of the common misconceptions.

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Business Email Compromise

Cybercrime is one of the primary risks facing businesses today, with Business Email Compromise remaining the most successful form of attack. Learn when it happens and how to help avoid it.

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Why Dual Approval Matters

Dual Approval is one of the most important online controls, yet the concept remains foreign to many businesses. Learn more about why it matters.

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Business Email Compromise

Watch a short and informative video about how to protect your business from Business Email Compromise. Length: 1 minute 45 seconds

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Creating Strong Passwords

Password strength is an important component in protecting against fraud, but a frightening number of online users are still using predictable passwords.

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Protection from Social Engineers

Social engineering, one of the most common tools in a hacker’s arsenal, plays a role in many security breaches, which feature prominently in global media reports.

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Beneficiary Change Request Fraud Alert

Payments fraud across markets and industries has been increasing very rapidly over the past year. Fraudsters are becoming more creative and more sophisticated.

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Stay Ahead of the Email Scammers

Lookalike and hacked emails are helping fraudsters steal billions. Here’s how to fight them.

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